Barbuda Council Chairman claims relief supplies were pulled

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The Chairman of the Barbuda Council claims that an undisclosed amount of relief supplies was recently removed from the sister island despite there being much more work to be done for the people of Barbuda.

“I’m not sure of the rationale behind it because people are still rebuilding their houses over here but I guess there is more need over in Antigua for them somewhere that I don’t know about,” Barbuda Council Chairman Wade Burton said.

“It’s disappointing that if you have materials that are there — as I said people are still building their houses, people are still living in tents — if you have nails, if you have supplies that people can use, don’t just scrape back up and take them over to Antigua.”

Burton told OBSERVER media on Friday that the supplies were barged from Barbuda to Antigua around the same time that a contingent of Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force personnel vacated premises on the island last week.

He also said that he is unsure which agency is responsible for the decision, but alleged that the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) or the Defence Force might be responsible.

However, NODS has since claimed to be unaware of the said act.

Burton did not specify the precise nature of the supplies that were taken, but suggested that the supplies would have been of more value if they remained in Barbuda.

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