Bad timing – says opposition of pending departure of Police Commissioner

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The main opposition People’s National Party’s (PNP) says the pending departure of Police Commissioner George Quallo, has come at a bad time.
According to Fitz Jackson, the PNP’s spokesman on National Security, while he is not surprised, the news has come while a State of Emergency in effect in the western parish of St. James.
“As the country is aware, there has been much uneasiness between the commissioner and the Minister (of National Seucirty) for sometime and this stalatemate that has been going on for so long, just doesn’t help. I have now become aware that the commissioenr will depart at the end of the month. We hope there will be some stability, so that the country’s security can be attended to in a serious and focused way,” Jackson said during an interview on local radio.
Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake is tipped to act as Commissioner until a replacement is found
News broke on Friday that Quallo is to demit office as Police Commissioner this week.
He was scheduled to step down in August following his appointment in April last year.
This will be the fourth leadership change for the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), in eight years.
In 2010, Owen Ellington was appointed to replace Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin before suddenly opting for early retirement in 2014.
Ellington’s successor, Dr Carl Williams also opted for early retirement and was replaced by Quallo in April last year.

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