Baby Zoudiera Jackson returns home

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It was probably the hardest three months of her life, but the mother of baby Zoudiera Jackson has expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Health, the Medical Benefits Scheme, and corporate citizens, who assisted in ensuring that her daughter was able to travel overseas for medical treatment.
The eight-month-old baby and her mother left Antigua in last October for the United States, where she underwent surgery to correct the congenital defect of two holes in her heart.
When the two returned home on Friday, Health Minister Molwyn Joseph, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rhonda Sealey-Thomas, family members and well-wishers were at the airport to welcome them.
Marecia Jackson-Williamson said while there were some complications along the way, she is elated that her daughter is now in good health.
She explained that three weeks after Zoudiera underwent her first open heart surgery, “she developed a fusion and they had to do suction and another medical procedure.”
“So she is in perfect health. I can’t thank everybody enough,” the mother said in a video posted on the Ministry of Health’s Facebook page.
After the medical procedure was conducted at the Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida last year, Baby Zoudiera was released from the hospital in December, but had to go through follow-up examinations before she was able to return home to Antigua.
She is due to return to the United States in April for further analysis.

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