Azarenka set to miss the US Open

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One former national bodybuilding champion said he has moved past previously perceived ills regarding the National Championships and is looking forward to being on stage come August 26.
Middleweight competitor, Orson Martin, who had been critical of judges’ decisions that had gone against him in the past, said he is simply focused on putting on a good show.
“I had to let things go basically. I was bitter about something but it’s in the past, so whatever. At the end of the day I am coming out to have fun and trying to make the best out of whatever had happened in the past is in the past so I won’t dwell on that. I am moving forward but I am also coming out to win,” he said.
The competitive bodybuilder said however, that he will be in probably the best shape of his competitive career.
“Symmetry, there are lots of bodies on stage but they are not symmetrical and I am coming with a package that is symmetrical and muscle development and we are not looking for a ton of veins this year, we are looking for quality muscles and I am coming with that,” Martin said.
Responding to a challenge thrown out by defending champion Kenny Jacobs, Martin said he is not worried about the competition.
“It’s always good to know that you actually have competition and I look at them as competition and I think there is some improvement to the old Orson so you won’t see 2015 Orson, you are definitely going to see a different Orson on stage and I always come in condition,” he said.
The National Bodybuilding   Champion-ships will take place the Multipurpose & Exhibition Cultural Centre at Perry Bay and is slated to start at

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