Aviation Consultant wants political interference removed from LIAT

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A Caribbean Aviation Consultant has advised LIAT’s shareholder governments to stop interfering with the day to day management of the airline and instead set broad guidelines for its operation.
Over the past few years due to a variety of reasons, including financial issues and sometimes  breakdown in communication between the pilots and LIAT’s management, there have been several disruptions in the services provided by the airline.
James “Jim” Lynch, a former pilot of 16 years, said the problems with the carrier emanate almost solely from politics and the long-term solution is to remove the politics.
“It’s a matter of the shareholder Prime Ministers deciding that they have to take an arm’s length from LIAT. They have to put in professional management and a board of people who know what they are talking about when it comes to aviation,” Lynch said in an interview with OBSERVER media.
He further said, “A broad mandate might be within four years you would have to either break even or make a profit. Another broad mandate could be to serve all the destinations that LIAT is serving now – look at broad instructions and get out of the details”.
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