Authorities warn of another seawall breach on Crabb Hill Main Road

Motorists are advised to take care on the cracked road as waves are said to have damaged the seawall. (Photo by Tekiah Minott)
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An immediate notice is being issued to the general public and all road users, in particular persons who utilize the Crabb Hill Main Road.

A section of the roadway on the southern side adjacent to the sea wall has deteriorated and the damage currently presents a hazard to road users traversing this area on the Crabb Hill main road.

The Ministry of Works will be conducting repairs to the roadway and seawall in attempts to further reinforce it from being breached by the sea and ask that the public please take note of any notices placed along the roadway and be cautious while traveling within this area of Crabb Hill.

Engineers and technicians from the Ministry of Works in conjunction with the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda conducted an assessment of the situation and advised the following safety precautions for the affected roadway on the Crabb Hill main road:

• The roadway will be restricted to single lane traffic only

• Heavy duty equipment and trucks will not be allowed to traverse that area of the roadway

• If road users must traverse this section of the roadway it should only be motorcars and other light vehicles

Work will begin from 11pm Monday 6th December and continue for at least another 3 weeks.

Please note in the first instance this section of the Crabb Hill Main Road will be closed from 11pm Monday 6th December until 4am Wednesday 8th December, when the road will again reopen to single lane traffic.

Once again we ask that all road users please proceed with due care and caution when travelling this section of the Crabb Hill Main Road.

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