Aunt convicted for beating niece

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A woman who admitted to beating her young niece, but said she did not intend to harm the child, was convicted and fined in the All Saints Magistrates’ Court earlier this week.

Ozzie Ramsey, of New Winthorpes, pleaded guilty to beating the seven-year-old girl on December 31, 2016 after the child reportedly refused to eat all of her food.

The 34 year old was convicted and fined $600 or an alternative sentence of 14 days. Ramsey was further ordered by the magistrate to pay compensation to the child or serve a 14-day prison term.

The facts of the case revealed that some time on the morning of Old Year’s Day, the convict gave the child a meal and told her to sit around the table and eat all of it.

The child did not eat all the food but lied to her aunt that she did. The police report stated that Ramsey punched the child in the left eye, which resulted in it being bruised and swollen.

Two days after the incident, the child’s mother took her to Police Headquarters where she filed a report. The woman was issued a medical form which she took to Mount St John’s Medical Centre.

There, the little girl was treated and prescribed medication.

Ramsey, a first-time offender, was charged with the offence two weeks after the beating.

In her defence, Ramsey claimed that she tried to grab the child who flinched and her nail hit her under the eye.

The seven year old has complained of experiencing sensitivity to light.

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