Au/Ra shares message of positivity with teens

The young German-Antiguan singer meets Prime Minister Gaston Browne
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By Machela Osagboro

Local singing sensation Jamie Lou Stenzel – aka Au/Ra – is sharing a positive message with young fans experiencing lockdown woes.

With the closure of borders around the world putting the brakes on her international performances, the young musician who has taken the world by storm told Observer how she is dealing with her forced hiatus from touring.

Antiguan-German Au/Ra said being cooped up at home had not dampened her spirit. 

“I am trying my best to do as much as I can from home, taking this forced staycation and turning it into my bedroom songwriting trip,” she laughed.

Stenzel added that she and her family are keeping safe and have been using the time to reconnect. “We have been listening to music, playing games, cooking new dishes and working on certain skills we never had the time to hone before,” she said.

Stenzel continued that she is enjoying her time with her family but is “so glad we have social media right now; being able to connect that way to my listeners even more has been so lovely”. 

The cheery teenager also said that she is loving the trend of several international artists and Antiguan DJs doing “concerts” via live streams and said that she believes it is a positive movement.

“I recently went live while working on a song in the studio which was super fun to do. Definitely look out for a live stream announcement on my socials,” Au/Ra shared. 

In terms of how the virus will affect entertainment and her ability to continue performing onstage, Au/Ra said, “I think everyone in the touring world is hoping that by mid-late summer we’ll be okay to continue playing and booking shows. I am going to appreciate to be able to play live shows so much when this has blown over.”

In the midst of it all Au/Ra said that she is aware that the lockdown will have an effect on people’s mental state and urged everyone to push negative feelings away. 

“At least we’re all in the same boat; it makes it feel less lonely,” she added. “We have to try our best to stay positive and remind ourselves what we can be grateful for.”

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