Attorney John Fuller Suffers a Stroke

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The family of prominent lawyer John Fuller is worried that his long-term habitual smoking and workaholic habits could cause his untimely death.

John Fuller, who is in his mid-seventies, suffered a stroke on Wednesday and is currently at the Mount St. John’s Medical Center (MSJMC).

His son, Eli Fuller, told our newsroom that his father had been suffering with circulation problems.

In fact, he told us, in 2009 his dad had to undergo surgery on his arteries.

“He is a smoker, and unfortunately he cannot stop. He has been given warnings and he just won’t stop,” Eli Fuller said.

Although the younger Fuller suggested that his father suffered was “not bad,” doctors have advised the attorney to stay in hospital for a few days to be closely monitored.

Eli Fuller said further that upon visiting his father Wednesday afternoon, the elderly patient was more concerned about a legal matter that he had to complete.

The concerned son is however concerned that the nature of the job is compounding his father’s illness.

“Being a lawyer in Antigua and fighting for justice for people is a tough job, and it’s high-stressed. I personally think it’s time he retire, but that fight is going to be a tough one,” he lamented.

Eli Fuller also appealed to his father would-be clients to “find a new lawyer.

“People need to stop calling him for jobs. My family is begging you, please find a new lawyer. Use a different attorney. Don’t harass the old man,” he lamented.

Eli Fuller hopes his father comes to the realization that his health is more important than his job.

John Fuller was rushed to MSJMC on Wednesday after complaining of feeling unwell.

He was given a CT Scan which confirmed that he’d suffered a stroke.

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