Attorney in Belize released on bail after a being charged with abetment to commit murder

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An attorney has been offered BZ$10,000 (One Belize dollar =US$0.49 cents) bail after he appeared in court late Monday on a charge related to the abetment to commit murder.

Attorney Herbert Panton, who is representing lawyer Oscar Selgado, said his client had been accused of asking someone to commit murder, adding “that is as much as I know at this point.”

He said he appeared before Magistrate Tricia Pitts Anderson and was offered BZ$10,000 bail with the normal bail conditions “stay away from the virtual complainant, not to interfere with him, not to have any communication with him and cannot leave the jurisdiction without the permission of the court”.

Asked by reporters what the charge means when it says abetment to commit murder and whether or not the murder did occur, Panton replied “no, it did not happen.

“This is a charge. Nothing has been proven at this point,” he said in reference to whether or not his client would be affected in representing clients or being disbarred.

“Everything is still sketchy at this point. I think until we get to the point of disclosure cause as I tell you, this matter just happened …this evening,” Panton said, adding that he could not recall any time when an attorney here has been charged with such a serious offense.

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  1. You never asked me. The victim. 2 witness has died inconnection with this.
    It has been hush hush. Funny how the person in charged of the police had to resign. Just like the head of the sheriff where I live in the states. Both paid by the same people. Could anyone be that bad lucky.
    Something is going on here kept from the public’s eye

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