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A teacher of less than six months is facing a charge of attempted murder, after he is alleged to have seriously injured a student at the Clare Hall Secondary School (CHSS), earlier this week.
Vendiz Charles, a physics teacher, was on Friday remanded to the St John’s Police Station and is expected to face a magistrate to be formally charged on Monday, for the alleged offense.
Charles, 26, joined the staff in September 2016, after the school had been without a physics teacher for some time.
O’Dane Jacobs, the mother of the injured second form student, Akeem Scotland, told State media that Charles was arrested after her son pointed a finger at the teacher as the person who was responsible for his injury.
She said after she told the doctor about her son’s claim, he informed the police who picked up the teacher.
However, teachers at CHSS told OBSERVER media that the details of exactly what transpired are murky, as students, who were present at the time of the incident, have been reluctant to say what transpired.
Some reports are that a number of students were involved in an altercation, during which stones were flung at each other. The teacher, who was at the time conducting after-school classes, asked that they desist. They did not, and one of the stones struck the teacher, who reportedly retaliated by throwing a stone, which ricocheted off a wall and struck the student in the head.
Another report said Scotland, who lives in St Johnston’s Village, had left the school and returned later in the afternoon. He was reportedly riding his bicycle on the premises, doing “wheelies” when he fell on a stone and fractured his skull.
He was treated in the Intensive Care Unit at Mount St John’s Medical Centre for several days but has since been placed on the ward.

Vendiz Charles (photo courtesy STRATCOM)

(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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