ATM fraud suspect nabbed in Montserrat

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A Bulgarian man accused of tampering with two Automated Teller Machines (ATM) in the city, is now in custody assisting lawmen with their investigation.
The 39-year-old accused, who should not be named because he had not been charged with any crimes at the time of going to press, was wanted by police. He was nabbed in Montserrat and brought back to Antigua yesterday at about 8 a.m.
Senior Sergeant Frankie Thomas, police public relations officer, told OBSERVER media that the accused, who celebrated his birthday exactly one week before he was brought back to Antigua on the ferry, in handcuffs, targeted an ATM at a supermarket and another one in St. John’s.
Thomas said the suspect allegedly withdrew “an undisclosed sum of money” from both ATMs.
At the time the theft was discovered, an investigation was launched which led police to make an appeal for help in identifying and tracking down the suspect who was captured by the ATM’s security camera.
Thomas said initial police investigation revealed that the accused attached an implement to the machine, in which he was able to use to capture data he could later use to access the bank accounts of unsuspected ATM users.
The accused had not been charged up to yesterday, however, Thomas said charges are likely to include larceny and fraud-related offences.

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