Athletics president says plans are in place to resume renovations at YASCO

The controversial uncompleted bathroom facility has been sitting there for more than a decade.
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By Carlena Knight

Renovations at the country’s lone track and field facility are expected to re-commence in the coming month.

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Athletics Association (ABAA) Everton ‘Mano’ Cornelius gave the update to this newsroom.

According to Cornelius, the focus was on adding a few images to their wall of fame outside the premises but since that has gotten underway, several other aspects of the facility are now being looked at, including the completion of the controversial bathroom.

“We were looking at the toilet facility for YASCO and that now is in the planning stage. Hopefully, before the season is out, we will see some action in the next couple of weeks at YASCO where the toilet is concerned. Something is there happening and I am pretty, pretty sure that we will see some action within the month,” Cornelius revealed.

Some $90,000 has been allotted for the completion of the controversial structure located on the western end of the grounds.

The unfinished structure on which in excess of $400,000 had already been spent prior to 2014, remained untouched since then.

But Sports Minister Daryll Matthew said a recent assessment of the structure indicated it could be salvaged.

Cornelius also responded to criticism that the committee that oversees the affairs at YASCO — and which he is a member of — did not sufficiently prioritise the needs of the facility, as many believe the wall of fame could have gone to the back burner while other more pressing areas like the bathroom and fence be looked at.

“As we know, the government is cash strapped, so we cannot really press them for everything. We have determined that we will have to take certain things on our own, and hope that the public will help us, see exactly what we are doing, and show an interest in the fact that we want to get some assistance in preserving the track. About the toilet situation at YASCO, I am sitting right here just printing some documents to be dropped off and hopefully all things go well so that we can see some action where that is concerned.

“We are making some progress; we are working,” Cornelius said.

A total of $1,411,862 (one million, four hundred and 11 thousand, eight hundred and sixty-two dollars) has been budgeted for the completion of YASCO.

This figure was presented by Matthew in January of this year.

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