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Athletics Association elections could be held soon – Cornelius

This will be the last election where Cornelius will vie for the top position

by Carlena Knight

Elections for the top position at the Antigua and Barbuda Athletics Association could be imminent.

This is according to President of the ABAA Everton ‘Mano’ Cornelius who explained that once some in-house matters are rectified, elections could be held immediately after the hosting of the sporting body’s national championships this month.

“We were working on fixing the constitution and I have done that now. We have put that out there to all the members to go through the amendments that we made – so … right after our national championships we will do the ratifications. 

“I actually wanted to do it before but most people said after, so once everything is cleared up in that area and everybody is in agreement with the changes that we made as far as I am concerned, we can go to elections the next week – if they really want to go to the elections – because it is time enough for us to get that out of the way,” Cornelius said. 

The former Olympian says he will be throwing his hat back into the ring for the top position but revealed it would be for the last time. 

“If I could fight people within the Athletics Association right to really take over this, I would gladly give it to them but I am telling you I am taking one more shot at this and then I am done with it and I am making a public announcement; I am serious, one more shot and I am finished,” Cornelius revealed.

“It’s a lot of work and I think it’s time that some other people step up. I have been doing this for a long time and I am not going to say I need to be there all this time. 

“I will give my assistance going forward but I am trying to put a footing in place in athletics that at least it can function as an organisation going forward and I want to be able to see that happen,” he added. 

The ABAA elections are constitutionally due this year and will see the victor holding the top position for a four-year term. Cornelius has held the spot for more than two terms. 

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