Athletics Association elections could be held next month

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by Carlena Knight

With the Olympics having come to a close, the elections for the Antigua and Barbuda Athletics Association (ABAA) will take centre stage with head of the local body Everton ‘Mano’ Cornelius revealing they could be held next month.

“It is on the table. We did set a date and hopefully will have elections at the end of September, if not the first week in October. We looked and did our work on the constitution and I have approved all of the changes that we would have discussed so it’s just for us now to send it out to all of our members and then have a general meeting where we can have the ratification and then we will set a definite date for the elections,” Cornelius said.

Elections for the ABAA have been constitutionally due for some time now but had to be delayed for a number of reasons, the main one being that the ratifications of the constitution were still being addressed.

 Cornelius mentioned there is still one area that needs to be looked at; the structure of the clubs.

“Too many times people come to meeting and they are telling you that ‘oh, I did not get this email, I did not know this, I did not know that’ but you tell me that you have a club, that you have a secretary and this and that but when I give you the information you say you never received it.

“I really just don’t understand that, so it is something that we are looking at really seriously,” he added.

He shared that he will be seeking to regain his position as president but has no qualms stepping down once someone suitable for the position steps forward.

“I will never stop seeking election. There’s no need for me to go anywhere from track and field. Track and field is what I love. Track and field is what I will always do.

“I think I bring things forward to the table, that I can see what track and field needs; I understand the problems and have some of the solutions. I don’t think I have them all but at least I would put my head with other people who want to come up with something that makes sense to raise track and field to another level.

“I have no problem putting myself up to be elected and if the people speak and say they will like to see someone else at the helm and they move me to the side, I am not going to walk away from this.

“I will continue to work in it because it’s just something that I love and it is something that I know that we can go places with once we have the right people behind it,” he said.

Cornelius has been at the head of the organisation for two terms.

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