At least two reported swept away by rising river in Dominica

File photo

There’s word out of Dominica that rivers have swelled overflowing their banks due to downpour associated with Tropical Storm Erika.

One report received by Dominica Broadcasting Service (DBS) indicated that a river undermined several houses in Bath Estate and that about 4 people may have been swept away.

The report came as DBS Radio continued live coverage of the storm’s passage. The initial report, which DBS couldn’t confirm, came in via text message. Listen to how the news was brought to light:

Wihtin minutes of that revelation, an official from Bath provided confirmation that 2 people were swept away:

In Dominica as well, there’s a report of looting as water inundated a Petro Caribe plant and pushed Liquid Petroleum Gas down a river and into the sea.

Also in Dominica, people have been posting images of the Damage caused by Erika, more by water than wind.

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