ASYCUDA just needs a month or two, Customs says

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ASYCUDA world system will be “sorted in a month or two” according to its Programme Information Manager, Jules Bowen.
In a press conference dispelling the negative feedback from users on the system which went on stream on April 3, Bowen said there are remote mechanisms in place to assist users.
“Whenever the stakeholders call into the office, we ask them to send an email; we log all the information in the system called Redmine; we look at all these errors on Fridays and we put them in a data bank; the technical team will answer the questions,” Bowen said.
He admitted that the turnover time between clients is one hour but they plan to “solve these glitches” as users get a better understanding of the system.
One complaint, he said, was the slower Internet bandwidth negatively impacting customers’ interaction with the server.
“For the brokers hitting the ASYCUDA server, there shouldn’t be any issue because we allocated a 20-megabyte bandwidth to the system so customers hitting the ASCUYDA side should not have a problem,” Bowen said.
He explained that the Customs & Excise Division will be conducting more training sessions with brokers who would be tested and issued a certificate once they become proficient in the system.
Meanwhile, President of the Brokers Association, Nigel Benjamin, expressed support for the new system but said that Customs would not be aware of some of the feedback as they are excluded from the brokers alliance group chat.
“My office learned that ASYCUDA was imminent [and] we went and got an alternative [internet] service provider. It’s something I would recommend to the brokers to do the same,” Benjamin said as he countered users’ Internet woes.
Also present at the press conference, were Customs & Excise officials who explained that interaction at the Deep Water Harbour between staff and brokers who use the system has surpassed the orientation stage and all stakeholders are sharing knowledge.
The officials have also asked users to comply with Customs as the system should generate revenue for the ports and also assist business owners with accurate tracking of goods.
The ASYCUDA World system makes use of cutting edge ITC technologies – including e-signature, biometrics, XML, to provide governments and in particular Customs administrations with new tools able to make dramatic improvements in the areas of security, trade efficiency, and the fight against corruption.

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