Assistant operations manager claims ignorance

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Ian Bailey, assistant operations manager of the National Solid Waste Management Authority, has said that he has no knowledge of the allegations that some 45 trucks have been removed from the Beautification Programme.
He made the comment yesterday in the wake of assertions that were allegedly made by chairman of the National Solid Waste board, James ‘Tanny’ Rose, to another media house.
“I am not aware that any truck has been laid off. That information has never reached my attention. As a matter of fact, it was the other day that I was listening OBSERVER because it is my favourite radio station, that I first heard about the layoff. The chairman has never brought that to my attention,” Bailey explained.
He added that he never personally heard Rose making the announcement in the media in relation to the removal of the trucks.
Bailey further stated that as far as he is aware, all workers are still employed with the authority. He admitted that every Friday he would listen to the chairman on the radio. However, he said the chairman was reluctant to speak on any matter concerning the authority even after being prompted by talk show host James ‘Sly J’ Simon.
Bailey acknowledged that the authority has been having challenges meeting its payroll obligations to the truckers and admitted that at this time of the year the situation gets even worse. He said that workers would sometimes crowd the authority’s headquarters on Sir George Walter Highway but would subsequently have to leave because there was no money to pay them.
He was also mindful to point out that he has nothing to do with money but instead his responsibility is the collection of waste. He said that he too becomes aware that there are no funds to pay these workers at the same time they are told.
Bailey also refuted claims that he is in anyway affiliated with any heavy-duty company.
OBSERVER media received a letter from an individual who wished to remain anonymous, alleging that the authority has been plagued by mismanagement and poor spending practices. The correspondence also claimed that other workers have been in fear of losing their jobs since the removal of the 45 trucks.
OBSERVER media made attempts to interview director of administration at National Solid Waste Danielle Benjamin, but we were told that Friday is a hectic time at the authority and we should return another day.
The authority has been in the news for some time now with truck drivers and workers of the Beautification Programme complaining of going for weeks without receiving their wages but Rose has been unwilling to answer questions regarding late payments.

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