Asquith Greene slapped with additional charge, sentenced to 4 months imprisonment

Asquith Greene
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By Latrishka Thomas

The Golden Grove man who surrendered to the police after escaping custody last weekend has been slapped with an additional charge.

Asquith Greene has been jointly charged with 40-year-old Gavin Martin of Cooks Hill with breaking into a shop and stealing a number items and an undisclosed sum of money on August 3.

On Friday, both men admitted to breaking into and stealing from the ‘Cadey Shack Shop’ on George Street.

Greene was sentenced to four months imprisonment and Martin was ordered to compensate the victim $1200 or suffer the same fate as his accomplice.

Greene, who escaped from Her Majesty’s Prison’s quarantine facility on August 1, turned himself in at the Gray’s Farm Police Station around 10:30am on Thursday in the company of his mother, Nicole Greenaway of Cooks New Extension.

Greene was remanded to the prison last Friday for allegedly breaking into a store on lower All Saints Road.

He was being held at the Covid-19 quarantine facility at Crabb’s Peninsula.

However, less than 48 hours later, he allegedly ran off when the inmates were released from their cells for breakfast, scaled the perimeter fence and fled into the bushes.

He is yet to be charged in that regard, but according to the police, that charge is imminent.

Twenty-two-year-old Greene and his 23-year-old girlfriend, Kenisha Fenton, appeared before Magistrate Conliffe Clarke last week Friday, accused of breaking and entering into D’ Nicole Beauty Centre on July 27.

The duo was also charged with breaking the 11pm to 5am curfew.

They both pleaded guilty to breaking into the store but said that they did not violate the curfew restriction.

They will therefore stand trial on September 9 on the latter charge.

The Golden Grove couple was emotional after Magistrate Clarke remanded Greene, a repeat offender, but granted bail to the female.

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