Asot Michael doesn’t rule out PM role if political parties tie in general elections

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Independent candidate and incumbent St Peter MP, Asot Michael (Photos by Robert A Emmanuel)
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By Robert A Emmanuel

[email protected]

Independent candidate for St Peter, Asot Michael, said that he is ready and willing to become Prime Minister if the 2023 general elections produce a split result between the political parties.

At the unveiling of his manifesto for the St Peter constituency yesterday, Michael was asked which political party he would support in the unlikely event that the election produces an evenly divided Parliament with two parties winning eight seats each.

Assuming that Michael was re-elected to Parliament as the representative of St Peter, he said that any political party wishing to form the government would have to negotiate a deal with him in that hypothetical scenario.

“Don’t you think that Asot Michael is more competent than Harold Lovell or Gaston Browne…I just told you that I have worked for four Prime Ministers,” he said.

He added, “They [the political parties] would have to come to me… I am sure the United Progressive Party doesn’t want to go back into opposition, and I am sure that the Labour Party doesn’t want to go into [the opposition].”

Michael’s 50-page manifesto details plans for each community within the St Peter constituency, including the creation of a “St Peter Trust Foundation, a non-political, non-profit organisation through which we would transform” Parham.

The manifesto also laid out the plans that the independent candidate wishes to enact if re-elected to Parliament, including introducing a bill for an “Act establishing a modern and comprehensive system of Parish Council (local) governments in Antigua” within 60 days, and the creation of a St Peter Cooperative Credit Union.

The manifesto also details action plans for youth development, tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, the digital economy, the environment, and sports.

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