ASC Business Department relocated to Five Islands

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By Claneisha Gomes
[email protected]
The revelation that students from the Business Department of the Antigua State College (ASC) will be relocated to the ‘Five Islands Campus’ comes three weeks after it was closed because of failing infrastructure.
Patricia Benn, acting principal, says buildings used by the Business Department need to be “demolished,” but first the students will be relocated to the Five Island Campus. Last week, Michael Browne, education minister, identified that campus as the fourth landed campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI).
According to Benn, the pending relocation is the main reason that section of the Golden Grove campus has not had major repair work since A-Level and UWI Undergraduate students will remain at the campus.
Benn said she is impressed that the repairs have been ongoing, as the upgrades improve student and faculty wellness on campus. She expects the work to continue throughout the coming weeks but could not give a completion date.
Three weeks ago, education officials closed the Golden Grove campus after a female student was injured because of a compromised roof. This incident forced the education ministry to carry for a full assessment of the buildings which many complained were unsafe and cramped for its estimated 1,200 students.
When OBSERVER media visited ASC during school hours yesterday, workmen were adding bathroom facilities to the A-Levels staff room, continuing work on the research unit adjacent to the UWI building and working on pathways that connect buildings.
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