ARG renovation still in sight

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President of the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA), Everton “Batow” Gonsalves, has labelled a recent meeting with Minister of Sports, Daryll Matthew, as fruitful, adding that they were able to plot the way forward on a number of issues.
Chief amongst the discussions were the upkeep and renovation of the historic Antigua Recreation Ground (ARG) that, according to the president, yielded positive results.
“His side and our side now are putting together a comprehensive plan to ensure that we put some speed in the development and renovation of the Antigua Recreation Ground. We have already identified some partners who have an interest in it. We have spoken to FIFA and they are aware and we are just making sure that the legal aspects are still clear to that side because there may have been some questions about the lease and if it’s still in place. I want to assure the public and especially the members of the ABFA that it is,” he said. 
The former national striker went on to assure its members and patrons that the ABFA still holds a valid lease on the “home for football” and that funding will come from both the sport’s governing body and government towards the renovation  of the property.
“With that being in place, FIFA will assist, and government, under this
new minister has given its blessings to the programme moving ahead so we
are going to move ahead in tandem and unity to ensure that you see things happening at the ARG in short order but the ABFA is concentrating on Paynters,” Gonsalves said.
The 2018/19 domestic football programme is slated to kick off on September 23 with the President’s Cup.

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