ARG Chairman: ABFA shouldn’t take all the blame

An invasive weed with sharp buds is a prevalent feature on the field at the ARG
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By Carlena Knight

Chairman of the Antigua Recreation Grounds (ARG) Committee Hilroy Humphreys said that after assessing the conditions of the grounds, all the blame cannot be placed on the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA).

Humphreys added that now is not the time to cast blame but instead to find solutions to improve the current condition.

“When I look at the various pictures for the last five years and I realize what has happened after Carnival, I can’t blame them at all. A lot of damage has been done. They allowed persons to park on the field. I noticed now that ABFA have to have people taking out shrubs because during a steelpan competition someone brought in sand and rocks and put them on the field so, now, I understand their concerns but now is not the time for us to have concerns anymore, we should settle down and get things organized,” Humphreys said.

The former politician disclosed that discussions are already underway to acquire a makeshift surface which could be laid over the field during shows and other entertainment events.

“I have already approached my brother-in-law in Canada. He used to always be harassing me about sports in Antigua and just recently I got some information from Mr Cornel Hughes about an Antiguan who wants to help, he’s an engineer too. We would have watched the Super Bowl; we would have watched the All-Star Game and we see what happens with those stages and go off in no time at all. Why can’t we have that here?” he asked.

“Instead of having a big thing here mashing up the grounds, let us get something collapsible and in 10 minutes time it’s on the field and 15 minutes time it’s packed back up,” he suggested.

The committee held the first walk-through of the grounds earlier this month.

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