Archibald calls for reviving of dormant cricket communities

Former national spin bowler, John Archibald.
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By Neto Baptiste

Former national spin bowler, John Archibald, has suggested a re-investment into some communities with a strong cricketing background but, for whatever reasons, are no longer competing in any domestic competitions.

The former national coach made the call during an interview on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, stating that the move would improve the pool for national selection and revitalise the game at the community level.

“Let us look at some of these villages that use to play cricket — and I am talking about good enough cricket like Newfield, Willkies, Swetes, Old Road — I would re-invest in these villages in terms of getting them involved in cricket again. Before, you would have Bethesda going across to Newfield on the weekend and we need to get back there,” he said.

“We need to create a zonal system in the different age groups where, when you’re going to have a final, you’re going to have the best young talents throughout the country and from right there you can get your selection process going just as well,” he added.

Archibald, who claimed two wickets in four First Class matches, said the move would also facilitate a smooth transition for school cricketers living in the selected communities.

“It’s a marriage between school sports and community and that had always been there but the void has been left for a number of years, and if I [were] the authorities, I would so some tweaking because some things that worked in the past, they still can work up to this day. I am not going to say that everything can still work, but most things can,” he said.

Archibald had also suggested the possible formation of a fast bowling camp involving the country’s former greats.

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