APUA’s Summer Internship a trailblazer

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Many young people are seeking job opportunities and one way to increase your chances of getting hired is having work experience through internship programmes.
Chairman of the Antigua Public Utilities Authority’s (APUA) Summer Internship Programme, Regis Burton, yesterday expressed concern about young people being academically qualified but lacking job experience.
He was speaking during the closing ceremony of the six-week programme at the entity.
“APUA has been doing this internship programme for six years and we definitely believe that more businesses should get involved,” Burton declared. “We’re seeing a huge problem with a lot of young people coming out of school and they have no working experience. How else are they going to get it if companies like APUA don’t give them that opportunity?” he posited.
Burton noted that for many young people who receive internships, it is their first taste of the world of work. He added that interns should be given meaningful tasks to complete.
“For many, it’s the first time being interviewed, for others, it’s their first experience working and that’s vital because that’s the only way they’re going to get the work experience,” he said.
Burton said that this year’s group of 13 interns, who he described as positive individuals, brought a wide variety of interests to the table and he advised them to continue networking with each other as they pursue new endeavours.
“They are 13 brilliant minds who are going to impact Antigua in their own unique way. What we found is that through programmes like these, they can start building a professional network amongst their peers so that in the future they can work together.”
Burton said that his organisation is expecting even more applications next year. During the presentation, it was noted that this year, close to 200 applications were received including one from neighbouring Guadeloupe.
“We’re definitely expecting an increase in applications next year. We’re trying to keep pushing the brand of the programme. We have taken the title of ‘The Caribbean’s Most Prestigious Internship Programme’ and I think that’s something that we’re going to have to live up to.”
Meanwhile, Corporate Communications Manager at APUA, Cathrona Samuel, gave some advice to the interns as they continue their individual journeys through life.
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