APUA water pumps to aid residents in hilly areas

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APUA Water Manager Ian Lewis informed Cabinet on Wednesday that the difficulty being experienced with getting water to higher elevations is to be solved by adding booster pumps online to get water to go up hill.

Negotiations are continuing with a church in Liberta to allow for a pump to be placed on its property to end the difficulties which residents on higher elevation in the village are presently experiencing.

Meanwhile, Cabinet has assured that the Crabbs plant will have new membranes by April 27 and it will increase production to 1.7 million gallons daily.

The Fort James plant sails from Dubai April 17 and will arrive Antigua about four weeks later will likely be operational by July.

The building and the planting of pipes are being worked on in the meantime.

It will produce 700,000 gallons daily and will end the distress that the home owners and businesses in St. John’s might be currently experiencing.

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