APUA to the rescue of cat stuck on lamppost

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An adventurous feline was rescued from a lamppost thanks to the efforts of soft-hearted APUA workers.

On Tuesday, the utility company’s electricity business unit received a request from the fire department for assistance in rescuing a cat in Falmouth that had made its way to the top of a pole.

Upon receipt of the report, a team was swiftly dispatched to lend a hand.

“Once there is an emergency, our response time is always quick. Electricity is not something that we play with, and this is also a good opportunity to give back – to take some time to do some community-oriented work,” said APUA’s public relations officer, Sharifa George.

How the cat was able to get there was the question from a number of bemused social media users.

“Cats are agile climbers but the shape of their claws means it’s easier for them to climb up than down. They love getting into high places but occasionally panic once up there,” said a spokeswoman for local animal charity, PAAWS.

“We applaud the kind-hearted APUA team for coming to the rescue of this poor kitty.”

The cat was safely rescued from its electric heights by APUA and was able to save one of its nine lives for another day.

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