APUA to purchase new membranes for reverse osmosis plants

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The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) has decided to purchase new membranes for the reverse osmosis plants throughout the island.
That was the decision revealed at a news conference by Acting Water Manager, Ian Lewis, on Monday.
Lewis said that while the current membranes are still useable, some of the plants have begun to decrease in production.
“Therefore, we have made the decision, which is a tough decision financially, to go ahead and purchase new membranes which cost in the region of US $600 per membrane,” he said.
He explained that with each reverse osmosis plant containing 300 membranes, the cost for purchasing new membranes for one plant is in the region of US $180,000.
Lewis said that the decision was taken as a part of APUA’s short-term strategy to increase productivity at the plants.

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