APUA strives to improve water distribution to consumers

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By Machela Osagboro

Experts say that one of the surest ways of preventing the spread of Covid-19 is by employing proper hand-washing etiquette.

Taking into account that the closure of all schools on island and the current lockdown translates to more water consumption overall, the Antigua and Barbuda Public Utilities Authority (APUA) has therefore communicated its intent to improve the distribution of water to all communities across Antigua and Barbuda.

APUA Public Relations Officer, Sharifa George said that the company continues to work to ensure that residents receive a consistent supply of water. She said that APUA is committed to making sure that water can be diverted to communities that have not been receiving a steady supply of the much-needed commodity.

“Currently we are able to supply customers with water regularly, our service stations are topped up at the moment so we can see the difference in terms of supply an capacity of water now that the demand has pretty much eased up,” George told Observer.

In light of this, residents have reported that there was no water in Bolans Village for several days and George explained that this was as a result of a faulty line. “Bolans was affected because a broken main that was repaired on Thursday,” she said.

Other areas like Five Islands and Bendals also had issues, but according to George, “There were some mechanical issues that caused delay in water for customers in the Bendals area. That was resolved yesterday, so things should be normal. For the Five Islands area, there are some electrical issues at the Grays Hill reservoir. A team was deployed to address those issues and they are working on them as we speak and water will be restored to the Five Islands area.”

The P.R.O further urged residents to report any case of lack of water in their area to the APUA customer care service line.  And added that, “persons who are not receiving water regularly, it would be because of infrastructural issues in the form of broken mains or burst pipes, or perhaps mechanical or technical issues”, said George.

Additionally, there has been a record high in rainfall in the country for the past three months, however George said that this has not been reflected in the main catchment area at Potworks Dam. As a result, the recent rainfalls have not had a significant impact on the supply of water to residents.

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