APUA seeks a solution to wage row

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The Antigua and Barbuda Public Utilities Authority, or A.P.U.A., says that it’s committed to finding a solution, as a row between the company and the union representing its workers continues over a salary dispute.
A.P.U.A.’s Public Relations Coordinator Sharifa George says that the company is hoping that whatever agreement is reached, it would be beneficial to both the workers and the company.

The Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union, or A.B.W.U., says that the disagreement stems from A.P.U.A.’s alleged misinterpretation of an agreement on salaries, which both parties signed in 2017.
The agreement would have resulted in a pay increase for the employees and the debate is about whether the agreement was for seven percent or four and a half percent.
Representatives from both the A.B.W.U. and the management of the Authority returned to the Labour Department in a continued bid to resolve the dispute this morning.
This is the second time this week that both parties have sought the intervention of the Labour Department.
Earlier today, the union met with workers to discuss a possible solution to the ongoing matter.
Deputy General Secretary of the A.B.W.U., Chester Hughes, is leading the talks on the behalf of the A.P.U.A. workers.

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