APUA says recent disruptions not related to maintenance work

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The Substation Supervisor at the Antigua Public Utility Authority – APUA – says random and frequent disruptions of electricity, were not related to maintenance work, which was carried out on the Swetes Substation.
This week, APUA collaborated with a team of Colombian engineers to refurbish the transformer which services that area.
But residents across Antigua are concerned about frequent power surges and disruptions in the flow of electricity to their homes.
The power was reportedly switched off five times in the All Saints area, during a twelve-hour period on Sunday.
In an effort to help residents cope with this power outage, Kenneth Christian explains what protocol residents should follow when their electricity switches on and off.

The residents are complaining that this random flow of electricity could damage their household appliances.
But, Christian says some appliances could be connected to faulty lines.

That was APUA Substation Manager Kenneth Christian

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