APUA says Potworks Dam saw 33 percent increase after heavy rainfall

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By Latrishka Thomas and Robert A. Emmanuel

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) said that, after a weekend of heavy rainfall, the Portworks Dam recorded over 10 feet of water, which is a third of its total capacity.

APUA said, in a social media post that Antiguans and Barbudans can expect an increase in water distribution in the near future, once the dam settles to allow for pumping to begin.

OBSERVER spoke to APUA’s Public Relations Coordinator, Sharifa George about the announcement.

She stated that, “We are going to be doing a series of assessments of all the natural water catchments and once that assessment is completed, we can look at how long that water can last us in the next few months.”

George added that she did not want to “preempt anything right now” as to the planned timeline of when persons will see an increase in water supply in their homes.

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