APUA reports no major damage to island’s power supply

Potworks Dam as seen early Tuesday (Photo by Kadeem Joseph)
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By Carlena Knight

Despite heavy rainfall on Monday, there was not any major damage to the country’s power supply, according to APUA spokeswoman Sharifa George.

Although there were a few reports from residents in Mount Pleasant about outages on Monday night, the majority of Antigua did not experience any interruption to the supply of electricity.

“Overall, the network has been pretty resilient for the passage of the tropical disturbance. There have been reports coming into the APUA information centre of small faults, perhaps sparking power lines, abnormalities with the electrical power in households, but overall, our feeds have remained intact.

“There have been no large widespread outages with the exception of what happened last night with the burnt pole on Friars Hill Road,” George explained.

She also spoke briefly about water storage on the island, more so the country’s main surface water catchment, Potworks Dam.

Earlier, George had explained that despite heavy rainfall the extraction levels were still too low at Potworks, but she has since clarified that statement and explained that a comprehensive assessment will be made in the coming days to give a more accurate determination.

“We are consistently monitoring our natural catchments as best as possible considering that a lot of the avenues to access these catchments are pretty much impassable as a result of the inclement weather.

“We are consistently monitoring Potworks Dam and Big Creek, as they are some of our major catchment sources but, as we continue, we will begin to make an assessment of these places and determine whether we will be able to start production from these places,” she added.

Such is the case for other water storage units around the island.

Regarding the repairing of damaged roads, George said it is still too soon to say what extent of work the APUA will be expected to do in conjunction with the Public Works Department.

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