APUA desires tariff increases

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The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) will request that the government readjust water tariffs, once they have addressed some of the most pressing issues facing the statutory entity.
During a conference earlier this week, APUA General Manager, Esworth Martin said that APUA can no longer operate effectively with the current water tariffs in place.
“We want to be able to realise some margins from the sale and distribution of the product that we produce,” he said.
Martin further stated that once APUA addresses most of the water leaks around the island, the management of the Water Business Unit will be able to propose to the government for an increase in tariff.
“In terms of our plan, we want to be able to address the leaks that we have. If we are able to address the losses we have to a desired level,
then we will be able to advance a case to the government that is more reasonable for an increase in tariffs,” he stated, adding that APUA
has already attempted to address some of the most pertinent issue facing the Authority.
Since 2015, a year after being elected to office, the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party administration said there would eventually be an increase in water rates.
At the time, Chief of Staff Lionel “Max” Hurst said it would come about as part of the country’s membership of the OECS and its upcoming Water Policy & Act.
Under the policy, water rates will increase when the natural resource is scarce, like during a drought, and decrease when there is sufficient supply. It’s unclear if this is the approach APUA plans to take.
There was also an announcement by the government that rates would have to increase because of the move to become less reliant on ground water sources and more dependent on reverse osmosis production.  Antigua and Barbuda’s water rates have been stable for at least 15 years.

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