APUA announces online bill payment

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The misery of long queues to pay APUA bills could soon be a thing of the past after the company announced the launch of an online payment portal.

Customers will also be able to receive their utility bills via email as part of a new greener approach to doing business, the state-owned utility firm announced yesterday.

Householders will be able to monitor consumption, log appliances, add multiple accounts and use a ‘quick pay’ feature on the new portal too.

APUA anticipates a drop in customer traffic into its stores as people begin to transition to online bill payment, a statement said.

“APUA fully intends to maintain its bill payment centres with its regular sanitation routine and social distancing as guided by the updated health protocols and procedures for the benefit of customers who desire face-to-face interactions,” it continued.

“While the direct online bill payment portal is a convenient and timely service now offered by the Authority, this product has been years in the making to ensure an efficient and safe online platform to provide a user-friendly and seamless transition from traditional transaction methods to e-commerce,” the release added.

APUA currently serves 35,000 households in Antigua and Barbuda, with almost 60,000 electricity and water accounts.

The web-based portal can be accessed on APUA’s newly updated website at www.apua.ag. Customer services can still be reached on 480-7150 during normal business hours, and limited service will also be available at the APUA information centre on 211 or 311 after hours and weekends.

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