Appeal for toiletries for Clarevue patients

Chaneil Imhoff
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Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital’s scores of patients are set for a brighter Christmas thanks to the efforts of a local youth MP.

Chaneil Imhoff is appealing to residents to donate to her Clarevue Christmas toiletries drive.

Items including bath towels, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, sanitary napkins and other hygiene products are badly needed for the hospital’s more than 100 patients.

“Christmas is my favourite time of year,” Imhoff said. “I believe it would be remiss of us not to extend the love and hope the season is known for to the Antiguans and Barbudans living at Clarevue.” 

It’s not just patients’ immediate needs the young activist plans to help with.

Imhoff is also the author of the Mental Health Bill in the National Youth Parliament. The bill, which is designed to promote and protect the rights of those living with mental illnesses and disorders, is currently under consultation.

The aspiring legislator – and Youth Member of Parliament for St Peter – says helping Clarevue goes beyond political ideologies.

“This is about showing a national commitment to improving mental health services in Antigua and Barbuda,” she added.

Controversy about the conditions at the country’s lone psychiatric hospital, located in Simon Bolivar Drive, has long abounded. Crumbling infrastructure and a lack of running water have been among a litany of concerns to have triggered strikes among its beleaguered workers in the past.

Most recently there have been calls for food donations amid worries about inadequate supplies.

Imhoff’s toiletries drive will run from December 12 to December 23. Anyone interested in helping is asked to call her on 785-0756 or email [email protected].

To arrange a cash donation, people can contact Clarevue directly at [email protected].

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