Appeal for financial help for cancer-stricken young mother

Cassandra Pringle (photo contributed)
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A local media entity is making an urgent appeal to residents to support a medical fund for an employee who has been diagnosed with stage four cancer.

The managers of Jump 268 are seeking to raise more than US$40,000 to facilitate medical testing to determine the type of cancer and possible treatment needed for mother-of-two, Cassandra Pringle.

Pringle, 37, the station’s executive assistant, said she received the terrible news about three months ago.

“My year started out with a blood clot in my leg. I was hospitalised and treated and sent home with a regimen to make me better,” she said.

“Three months later, the clot was gone and I was on my way to getting my life back on track; however the pain in my back and leg kept getting worse. After countless doctor and emergency room visits and no answers as to why I am unable to move around without pain, I finally saw a doctor who found the culprit,” Pringle shared.

“It is a mass the size of four tennis balls growing in my back and pushing against my organs and nerves. After scans and ultrasounds, I found out that it is stage four and has metastasized to my lungs, liver, colon and bladder. We are still in the process of doing tests and the doctors are finding it difficult to pinpoint where exactly the mass is originating from.”

As of yesterday, a GoFundMe page created to assist Pringle’s medical bills, had collected more than US$5,000.

Managing director of Jump 268, Omari Harrigan, told Observer media what prompted him to launch the appeal.

“Cancer is not a walk in the park, but what they are trying to figure out is what kind of cancer it is because they have never seen this kind before. She was working and called me and told me ‘this is crazy, I just found out I have stage four cancer’, and it sort of just bloomed from there where we are trying to get for her a proper diagnosis and also move from that into treatment to preserve her life,” he shared.  

Harrigan is urging the public to support this cause and give whatever they can, as every little counts.

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