Appeal dismissed for man serving 12 years for chopping his girlfriend

Conroy “Connie” Jones
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By Latrishka Thomas

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A man facing 12 years in jail for wounding the mother of his children will not be receiving a lesser sentence, at least not from the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

In 2019, Conroy “Connie” Jones was  convicted and sentenced by Justice Stanley John for wounding with intent to cause her grievous bodily harm.

The felon tried to appeal his 12-year sentence on the grounds that it was “grossly excessive” and the judge “erred in failing to obtain a social inquiry report which may have persuaded the judge to grant a lesser sentence”.

But yesterday, the appellate Judges — Gertel Thom, Paul Webster and Davidson Kelvin Baptiste (President of the panel) — quashed the application.

They found that no error was made by Justice John.

Jones’ sentence was therefore unchanged.

When the convict was on trial in mid-2019,  he threw in the towel after the victim, and the doctor who examined her, testified.

Jones chopped the young woman following an argument at their home on Bird Road, Ottos, on September 16, 2017.

At the time, their two children were also in the house and one of them begged the father not to kill their mother.

When Jones got distracted by the child’s pleading, the victim fled the home and got help.

She was rushed to hospital in critical condition and remained there for some time after undergoing surgery.

Jones evaded the police for about two months and surrendered after a wanted bulletin was issued for him.

The medical evidence revealed that the victim sustained as many as 15 injuries, including a fractured bone in her face, a broken tooth, and chops about the upper body, including to her face and head.

Dr Jason Paul also testified that the woman, who was 27 years old at the time of the attack, will require surgery in order to regain full function of one of her injured hands.

However, the victim told the court that she had forgiven Jones after he had apologised, and that she still loved him.

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