Antiguan to be featured in US reality show which premieres this month

Patricia Tongue-Edijin .(Photo contribued)
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By Latrishka Thomas

In a year where the escapism of television is valued more than ever, the life of several Caribbean nationals will be featured on the reality television screen in a show called Carib Life Atlanta, which premieres on October 26.

One of the main cast members is newly wedded Patricia Tongue-Edijin originally from Jennings Village, Antigua.

Tonge-Edigin who is also the President of the official Atlanta Caribbean Carnival – where members of the Caribbean diaspora come together to escape in the West Indian style festival — told Observer that initially, she was reluctant to join the show’s cast.

“I remember when I was planning for a press conference after Carnival, she [one of the shows organisers] called me and she asked me ‘are you coming to the audition?’,” she recounted.

The Atlanta resident said that she gave in upon hearing that the audition was taking place just 10 minutes from where she lived.

The full-time accountant said she was even more intrigued to hear that the show was not scripted.

After a successful audition, Tonge-Edigin’s life as a reality TV star began in May 2019.

“What I had to do is provide them with my schedule and they follow me where ever I’m at…they have cameras that follow you and you’re in real life. Whatever you do in that moment they capture that,” she explained.

”I keep things real, so I’m just going to be myself,” she disclosed that she told the show’s producers since she did not want any of the usual reality show theatrics.

“It came naturally because you are your own person,” she said.

Tonge-Edigin, who also recently founded a non-profit organization called ‘Blessed hands, Generous hearts’, further revealed that there was no hair, make up or wardrobe.

“If I wanna dress casual, that’s me, so people who know me who don’t get to see what I do behind the scenes, they get to see what I do behind the scenes on an everyday basis,” she stated.

As a result, she said that she will be doing it again for a second season.

Moreover, she disclosed that a Carib Life Jamaica is in the pipeline.

“Right now, we are working Carib Life Jamaica. I can’t say too much about it but some of the biggest artists in Jamaica is going to be a part of this show,” she said, while sharing that she will be part of the production team.

“I am hoping that we can get Carib Life Antigua, too,” she added.

Tonge-Edigin is also the Manager for reggae artist D’Angel out of Jamaica.

Carib Life ATL will premiere on One Caribbean Television.

It showcases the lives of others from the Caribbean diaspora with cast members this season hailing from St Lucia, Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands.

One Caribbean Television airs on FLOW 103 AND Digicel 513 in Antigua.

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