Antiguan students in China not subject to travel ban

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By Machela Osagboro

“They are always welcomed back home; we’ll never turn back any of our citizens.” Those are the words of Health Minister Molwyn Joseph who assured parents of students in China that their children are not affected by the travel ban.

However, the minister said that stance does not apply to those who may be sick with the dreaded coronavirus to come back to Antigua and Barbuda.

“If they are infected, we would not wish for them to come home with an infection,” he said.

 Dr Anju Smith added that if students do decide to come back while the travel ban is still in effect, they will have to go through rigorous testing.

“They have to remember that when they do decide to come home, they will be observed, their movements will be restricted for that 14-day period and they have to remember that and we do need their corporation with that,” she said.

The doctor also revealed that one student will be returning to Antigua today and that student will go through the same procedures as the two Chinese who recently returned from Beijing and Guangzhou.

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