Antiguan student in Wuhan shares experiences living amid coronavirus

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By Latrishka Thomas

An Antiguan student living in Wuhan, China – the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus – has given a chilling account of a city in lockdown.

Monifa St John, who has lived there around 11 years, told OBSERVER media that the usual hustle and bustle had almost evaporated from the sprawling metropolis nicknamed “the Chicago of China” due to its status as a hub for transportation.

“To see Wuhan in the state that it is now is actually shocking, to see that there’s literally no one on the street. You know with this shut down we have all the bus systems, all the subway systems, any form of transportation has been shut down and you’re not even allowed to drive your personal car or else you’d be fined. They have designated cars for different areas.”

As a consequence, she said she has not been able to access information needed for her PhD research.

“I can’t get access to the type of information I would need for my research because I would need the school’s IP address and I don’t live on campus. Because I have a child, I have to live off campus,” the PHD candidate added.

The single mom and entrepreneur also revealed that the factory for one of her businesses had to be shut down temporarily.

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