Antiguan shares ‘It’s a dream come true’ to be working with top baseball team

Josh Isaac
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By Carlena Knight

Antiguan, Josh Isaac, says it is ‘a dream come true’ for him to be working with the popular Major League Baseball team, the New York Yankees.

Isaac, who is employed as a Sports Television Producer with the Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network (YES Network), shared that it is still a surreal feeling for a young kid from the islands.

“It’s actually a dream come true. I was born in Antigua and raised in the Bronx, and I came to the States when I was two years old. My family, Isaac family, Carr, Barthley I can go and on, a lot of them were involved in sports. From cricket to football, even baseball, and then even just growing up in the Bronx, you hanged with your friends, they played baseball, but still you would never think a kid born in Antigua, raised in the Bronx, just a few blocks away from Yankee stadium to be able now to be taking cross coast jets with the Derek Jeter’s of the world, the Alex Rodriguez’s of the world and here it is a young boy from the islands is now being able to implement and have an impact on what people are able to see on their screens.”

The 2020 season of the MLB which was initially scheduled for March has of course been postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. A new date has not been set, but reports of moving the league to a lone venue in Arizona have been discussed. This, along with a number of other measures.

Isaac, who was a guest on the Good Morning JoJo Sports Show believes that in order for something like that to work it would involve a lot of factors coming together.

“They do have ball parks; as to where it could be done, it would take a lot of work. They’ve also talked about having like an electronic strike zone, having the players not sit in the dugouts, but in the stands and be six feet apart; and then you come down to logistics like how many players are going to be allowed. I mean it’s an ambitious thought, but again like I said as a baseball fan, you do hope that it can be feasible, but there’s just a lot of moving parts,” he said.

He is however optimistic that a more shortened league can be feasible for this year.

“For a shortened season there’s a possibility. I think if they do, it may be around 100 games so that they can be respectable; so nobody feels shorthanded or your championship is tainted. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, will it come sooner or later, we don’t know that but I think with them having multiple contingency plans worked out, I think there will be a smaller [season]. Not 162 games, but maybe somewhere around 100 games played this season. “

In regards to viewership, Isaac believes that despite the fact they may be competing with the NFL and NBA, that once various measures are put on place, all sports can benefit. He says that although there may be a cut in games on national broadcast stations, local stations could benefit even more.

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