Antiguan history not likely in schools soon

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President of the African Slave Memorial Society (ASMS) in Antigua and Barbuda, Edith Oladele has asserted that there is little likelihood that the history of Antigua and Barbuda will soon be placed on the nation’s school curriculum.
Oladele made the comment during discourse with participants at he end of an audio visual lecture she had conducted, entitled, Antiguan’s Africans – From Where to Here, in which participants were treated to a two hour “Geographical Pictorial Journey to the 21 Historic Slave Embarkation Ports along the West African Coastline”.
During the question and answer segment at the end of the lecture, one participant suggested that information from the lecture should be circulated in the country in the face “of the onslaught of people coming in [and] we need this information to be in the schools, in every village, in the institutions.”
Oladele responded by saying that there are people who are working to get the history of Antigua and the Slave Trade into the schools.
“I know somebody, who is working diligently on it and there are others also. It’s a hard thing to get done because we have people, who don’t know the history themselves within the education department and they are not interested,” she elaborated.
According to her, UNESCO has prepared a schools’ curriculum, which is available and which is being used in by the education ministry in St. Kitts.
Oladele said that approaching the government for this country’s history to be on the nation’s school curriculum is one of the medium term agenda of the African Slavery Memorial Society. 
“So, when we get a little stronger those are some of the issues that we can tackle and get to speak about and get to do something about it.
“The society can’t do everything. It can do a lot if you have enough people, who are passionate enough about the history, and who make themselves knowledgeable and who are ready and willing to contribute because it is a lot of work.”

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