Antiguan filmmaker hosts OECS Film Production Webinar

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Award-winning Antiguan filmmaker, Howard Allen of HAMA Films, on Thursday facilitated a film production webinar for OECS film practitioners via online technology.

The film webinar, which is the second in a series of online trainings organised by the OECS Competitive Business Unit (CBU), is aimed at sensitising filmmakers in the region to modern practices in film production and sharing best practices.

The first webinar was facilitated by Saint Lucian filmmaker, Davina Lee in September 2019, focusing on her work on the award-winning film, “The Knot.”

For Thursday’s webinar, Allen, who has produced five films so far under his production company HAMA Films, led participants through the processes that he and his team have successfully employed over their many years of film making. 

Working as a husband and wife team, with wife, Mitzi, HAMA Films has produced, “The Sweetest Mango”, “No Seed”, “Diablesse”, “The Skin” and is now completing work on their fifth feature film, “Deep Blue”.  Allen shared his vast experience in the field with other OECS filmmakers and is anticipated a lively and very interactive session with regional film practitioners and persons interested in learning techniques in film production and generally developing a better understanding of the film industry in the region. 

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