Antiguan celebrates 101st birthday in New York

Caroline Wynter is affectionately known as “O’line” (Photo contributed)
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A Willikies-born woman yesterday marked her 101st birthday in the US where she migrated in the 1980s.

Caroline Wynter – affectionately known as “O’line”was born on January 10 1920 to William and Marie Wynter. She had two brothers, Scotland Wynter and Joseph Jones, and nine children, five of whom are alive today: Naomi, Winfield, Annette, Oswald and Elmore. She also has 14 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Wynter attended the Seatons government school where she had her primary education and completed seventh standard. She worked for herself owning her own farm that brought her income to take care of her family. In those days, cotton was queen and cane was king, but she also planted cash crops that brought in money between cane and cotton seasons.

Wynter was a very hard worker and very social; she was a member of the Antigua Trades and Labour Union and the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, as well as the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Women’s Action Group where she was very active.

She loved politics so much that people used to called her “Ms Bird” after the leader of the party, and she never missed a public or constituency brunch meeting.

Wynter was a member of St Stephen’s Anglican Church in Antigua and also of the church’s mother’s union. She could often be found on a Sunday morning in her seat at church, dressed up in her finery with a matching hat and bag.

A keen cook, she was known for always cooking too much food and, when asked why, she would always say, ‘you don’t know who is going to stop by’.

Wynter migrated to New York in 1982 to be with her children. She was active with her children and grandchildren and attended church regularly until she was no longer able. 

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