Antiguan catering staff working in Jersey getting ‘rave reviews’ from bosses

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Chairperson of the ABHTI’s Board of Directors Shirlene Nibbs presents a gift to Joanne Terry-Merchant, Principal of the Highlands College in Jersey
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Hospitality Institute (ABHTI) officials visited Jersey recently as part of a seven-member delegation, led by Karen-Mae Hill, Antigua and Barbuda’s High Commissioner to the UK.

They included the institute’s Chairperson Shirlene Nibbs and the Executive Director Ruthlyn Matthias.

During the three-day visit, the contingent visited various properties on the Channel Island, and met the hospitality employees from Antigua and Barbuda who have already started their six-month stint. 

The officials were able to see the employees in action and received rave reviews from employers about their performances.

On May 23, the group attended a meet and greet with the employees and their employers, which was hosted by the Executive Director of the Jersey Hospitality Association Clair Boscq. Of the 43 persons who received job offers, 11 are graduates of the ABHTI.  

Matthias expressed her enthusiasm with the positive feedback received about the employees. 

“I am very pleased to see our former students working so well in their new environments and I am elated about the high praises that have been received from employers about their work ethic and the standard of excellence that is displayed,” she said.

Nibbs echoed similar sentiments and shared how proud she was to see former ABHTI students displaying such high work standards and embodying the institute’s mission. She said they are representing the school, the country and themselves very well.

The second purpose of the trip was for ABHTI’s administration to meet with the administrative staff of the Highlands College. Discussions centred around the second phase of the MOU signed by both governments in March.

This phase will see collaborations between the Highlands College and the ABHTI as it relates to the exchange of skills and curriculum development. It will aid in developing both institutes’ professional training programmes and “as a longer-term ambition, consider the possibility of student exchanges” as stated in the MOU.

“We are looking forward to building a partnership with the Highlands College that will be mutually beneficial for both institutes. 

“With the exchange of knowledge and skills, and the provision of trainers, to the ABHTI, the institute will be able to further develop its training programmes.

“This will not only benefit those who attend and work at the institute, but will contribute to the country’s tourism product on a whole,” Matthias said.

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