Antiguan artist ‘Fucha Kid’ lighting up global charts

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After just over a month since its release, Karl Edwards’ single ‘Work’, is burning up global charts.

The dancehall hit performed by the Antiguan artiste — more popularly known as ‘Fucha Kid’ — is scaling its way to number 1 on the iTunes Reggae Chart and according to his manager, once there they “intend to stay number one for as long as we can.”

‘Work’, which was released on March 17, is currently at number 10 on the iTunes Reggae Chart, 18 amongst all genres, and 40 for Antigua and Barbuda, his management revealed.

His songs ‘Pretty Picture’ and ‘Grim Reaper’ are also climbing the international charts.

Fucha Kid, also known as ‘Feds Boss’, is a Fusion Artist whose taste and style of music is eclectic.

His knowledge of the music business can be credited to Corporal Montan Of African Treasure who taught him the cardinal precepts of the industry while he was just a high schooler. Corporal Montan also helped him develop a network with producers and DJs in Jamaica.

The 36-year-old artiste from All Saints then started his solo career in 2006 and travelled to Montserrat, Trinidad and then St Kitts for Gem Family Rave where he came in contact with Omari Harrigan of Chosen Sounds Studio.

Upon returning to Antigua, Fucha Kid signed a deal with Chosen Sounds Studio where he studied the rest of the business with Harrigan.

Fucha Kid was a part of Chosen Sounds from 2006 to 2010, before moving on to his now label, ‘Federation Family Studio’ that he runs with his Business Partner, Kevin Abbott.

After his 2014 crossover tour in the USA, Fucha Kid linked up in Miami with Zack Cohen of Fox Fuse New York where he is still currently signed for six years now.

He has also just entered into a three-year agreement for South American Tours with Bacondo, a marketing and production group based in Chile.

With almost 15 years in the business, the artist intends to make the world his stage. His next venture will involve creating music videos for his hits.

His fans can also look forward to the release of an explosive soca tune called “Shake”.

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