Antigua welcomes Hilton brand 

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The Senior Vice President of Business Development for Al Caribi Cay Development Dawood Shah has announced the signing of a management agreement with the iconic international brand Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts, a Hilton brand and Callaloo Cay.
Shah made the revelation last evening at a press event where he also said the Antigua project will be renamed.
“I am pleased to announce that Callaloo Cay will soon don a brand name – the Waldorf Astoria Antigua,” he said.
“The name Waldorf Astoria is synonymous class, luxury and opulent excellence,” he added.
Since the announcement of the project back in 2014, a number of changes have been made and there has also been push back from some members of the Old Road community who
said the area chosen for development is not ideal as it will have serious impacts on the environment and rob residents of access to the beach for recreational activities.
Shah said community support for the project remains important to the investors and their investment will continue to branch out into community development projects to add to the ones already established. 
He noted that the advisory committee set up following a recent town-hall meeting with residents, will remain open to hearing any other concerns but as far as he’s aware, they’ve already been addressed or are being discussed.
Senior Vice President of Waldorf, Greg Hartman
said the brand will set a new standard of Caribbean luxury.
“Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts’ mission is to be the fastest growing, most innovative luxury hotel brand in the world…hotels like Waldorf Astoria represent the brand’s commitment to continued expansion and delivering luxury to the world’s most sought after destinations,” he said.
The official said the company has the skill and  experience to drive the necessary marketing to ensure the 95-room US$150 million project in Morris Bay has high room occupancy year-round.
Tourism Minister Asot Michael said it is an honour to welcome the arrival of “the Hilton’s worldwide luxury flagship brand” as he noted the company is known for “offering the highest standards of facilities and services in the hospitality industry the world over.”

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