Antigua records three killings in 10 days

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Kenroy Simpson, a 26-year-old father of three, is the third killing recorded in the last 10 days and the second in the Cedar Grove community in five weeks.
More than 70 residents, which include Simpson’s two young sons and his father, assembled around the pasture adjacent to the Cedar Grove basketball court yesterday morning to view Simpson’s lifeless body.
The Jamaican national was discovered bloodied and face down at 5:40 am, without shoes or a shirt, after police received reports of his alleged kidnapping.
The police said the homicide victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his body. Residents said that they heard shots fired around 1:30 am.
The lawmen responded to a call from Simpson’s home and took a statement from Simpson’s girlfriend, who reported that four masked men robbed the pair at gunpoint of an undisclosed sum of money.
According to the police, Simpson was allegedly forced into a Toyota Platz car and then driven to the pasture, which is a stone’s throw away from his residence.
The car was seized in the vicinity of the government’s motor pool on Pigotts main road and transported to police headquarters.
A neighbour of Simpson said that he was a kind, helpful young man who was raised by a Jamaican aunt, who was distraught and bawling at the scene while embracing his sons. Simpson’s speechless father was also at the scene.
Prior to this incident, Simpson was arrested and charged for drug-related offences and was questioned in April in connection to money laundering crimes.
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