Antigua Newsroom’s claim of US $20 mil to construct new double-decker is ‘ridiculous’

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Figures quoted surrounding the double-decker stand at the Antigua Recreation grounds have been “grossly misunderstood.”

Four days ago, contractor Joseph A. Davis, in an OBSERVER exclusive, indicated that the value of the double-decker stand, not the cost to refurbish it, as erroneously indicated by local news agency Antigua News Room, is approximately US $20 million.

Joseph had previously reported that the historic stand did not have to be demolished, and there was no need to reconstruct a double-decker, as is being proposed by government officials. Instead, his recommendation was to have the stand refurbished.

“The estimate to fix the stand could not be $20 million. I’d like to clarify that Antigua News Room’s claim that it’s $20 million that I charged as an estimate is ridiculous… Absolutely ridiculous!”

A visibly upset Joseph said that his reputation had been called into question since the release of the News Room article posted on 23 October, 2019 entitled, ‘Plans To Renovate Double Decker Estimated at US $20 Million By Contractor.’

“The estimate would not be $20 million,” the contractor reiterated, “all I recommended was that they take out was five beams. How could that cost anywhere near US$20 million?”

Early this year, Cabinet announced that the stand and the booths at the facility would be demolished in an effort to rebuild a new stand and meet international standards. The Ministry of Works is working alongside the Ministry of Sports to secure a temporary location for vendors, of which Joseph is one.

The contractor said that his reasons for recommending the preservation of the stand are not self-motivated.

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